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Andrei Borțun

Jury member for the Interior Space Architecture category, 2020 edition

Andrei Gavrilă Borţun, 32 years old, has a degree in communication from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Public Relations. In 1991 he founded the Romanian Leaders Foundation, in 1996 he was the founder of the Association of PR Professionals, ARRP.
In 1998, he became the founding president of the European advertising festival AdPrint, in 2001, the founding president of the Internetics festival, and in 2002, the founding president of the annual Civil Society Gala project. Finally, in 2004 he founded the Club of Public Relations Companies, CCRP, and in 2008 he founded Art Directors Club Romania.

In 1998 he founded Millennium Communications, of which he is general manager. Among Millennium's projects: AdPrint Festival, Internetics, Civil Society Gala.
Andrei Borţun is one of the most famous PRs in Romania. Ten years ago, his company, Millennium Communications, invented and grew AdPrint, the fifth largest international advertising festival in Europe, now at its tenth edition.
The Millennium Communications teams manage the development of its three brands: AdPrint, Internetics, the Civil Society Gala, because, over time,  these teams have taken over the organization  and also the management  of Effie for IAA, ADC * RO and ADC * RO Creative School, Romania's party at Golden Drum. In a single formula: all the events of the Romanian Marcom industry.