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The Bucharest Architecture Annual » Marius Miclăuș

Marius Miclăuș

Jury member for the Portfolio Architecture category, 2020 edition

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture within the Polytechnic Institute of Timişoara, 1996
Master’s Degree in rehabilitation on the topic "Rehabilitation of industrial sites - trends and principles", 1998
PhD student since 2009 at the “Politehnica” University of Timişoara - Coordinator Acad. Prof. Dr. Eng. Victor Gioncu

3 months practice in the architecture workshop "Gunter Leonhardt" - Stuttgart, Germany (1994), in restoration and construction workshop - SCI Interazur, Grass, France (1996), collaboration with the architecture firm "ANDREESCU & GAIVORONSKI" Timisoara, Romania ( 1995-1996)

Numerous works of architecture, urbani planning, design and set-up awarded with national and international awards, among which:
Topală Notary Office, redevelopment, 1998, Arhitext Award 1999 / 2004-2007 - TGHouse, Timişoara Annual Architecture Award 2008 / Dealul Cerului Projekt, rehabilitation of the old house and its transformation into an architecture center - Cheile Nerei, 2005-2009, Timişoara Annual Architecture Award 2009 / Rehabilitation, restoration and set-up of public space «Theresia Bastion - class A monument», 2004-2010, national competition, first prize / White Dreams prize, office building, 2005-2007, Timişoara Annual Architecture Award 2009 / Carol Davila Hospital Extension, Bucharest , 2005-2010, national competition, first prize, Timişoara Annual Architecture Award 2009 / Insertion in PUZ, area of inline and coupled housing for young people Ovidiu Balea, Timişoara, 2004, competition with first and third prize
Urban Madison Project - Iaşi, rehabilitation and revitalization of the historic center of Iaşi, 2005, competition - third prize / Mac Constantinescu Prize for architects under 40 years of age - 1999.