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Architecture section, 2004

Great Prize of the Annual
Porche Romania, administrative headquarters

arch. Constantin CIUREA
Prize of the “Architecture” section
Single-family house

arch. Răzvan LUSCOV
Building in Calea Floreasca 208

arch. Viorel HURDUC
Single family house with office

arch. Georgică MITRACHE
Motel, fast-food and restaurant at Km.36

arch. Bogdan BABICI
Interwar house remodeling - interior-exterior dialogue

arch. Bogdan POP
Office building

arch. Silvia COSTESCU, arch. Ruxandra PĂIȘ
“GREEN LAKE” Golf Club

arch. Peres ANDRÁS
House near the forest – single family home

arch. Liliana SOLON
Single-family house extension, elevation, and consolidation

arch. Bogdan Constantin NEAGU
Holiday home

arch. Victoria MANU
Office complex

arch. Iuliana BOGOESCU
Țiriac business centre

arch. Mihai EFTENIE, arch. Mariana EFTENIE, arch. Ioana BARBANȚAN, arch. Mihaela MUSCALIUC, arch. Vlad EFTENIE
Office building - Romtelecom headquarters

Multipurpose building

arch. Marius TURCU
Office building

arch. Marius SOLON
Buftea city hall

arch. Bogdan TOFAN
Single-family house

arch. Șerban PĂCURARU
Two-family house

arch. Ion BARABAȘ
House extension

arch. Cristina Olga GOCIMAN
Multipurpose building in the “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum

arch. Romeo SIMIRAȘ
Romanian Commercial Bank headquarters

arch. Adrian SPIRESCU