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Anuala 2023 » 2020 » Bucharest Economic Operators, CAEN 7111

Bucharest Economic Operators, CAEN 7111


The Register of Economic Operators with Caen Code 7111 is a generic name for a market research for companies that carry out architectural design actions on the Bucharest market. The research is based on several analysis criteria, among the most important being the status of the architect within the company, being known that Romanian law allows anyone to set up companies that also contain architectural design. This directly influences the quality of the built environment as well as the quality of life.

The research is an analysis project of OAR Bucharest in partnership with the Association of Romanian Architectural Societies (ASAR) and the Register of Romanian Urban Planners (RUR), within the OARB Architect Forum program.

The Bucharest Architecture Annual organizes two professional debates on this topic.