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The 2024 Annual » 2020

The 2020 Bucharest Architecture Annual will focus on how the fundamental changes of our society caused by pandemics might inspire us to create better architecture, better urban spaces, better cities and a more sustainable world.

2.00m calls for a double project on altered proximity: one on investigating the generic global city affected by the pandemic and how crisis situations can creatively transform urban life; and the other project, which involves daily social reconnections, involving simple measures restart daily routine and workplace culture.

However, one question remains. Could this pandemic crisis be the starting point of a new way of thinking, a new way of interacting with each other?

Measures for school opening during the pandemic
The Bucharest Architecture Annual awards the entire team:
architect, client, entrepreneur, engineers, project manager, builder
Built Architecture
Interior Space Architecture
Research through Architecture
Portfolio Architecture

Projects from the 2020 edition

2020 Awards


Launch of the competition August 10, 2020
Project Delivery Deadline September 18-28, 2020
Verification September 29 -October 3, 2020
Online preselection October 4-5, 2020
Short List Jurisdiction October 6-7, 2020
PitchDay Public Jury October 8-9, 2020
2020 Annual Gala November 5, 2020
National Library of Romania