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Daniela Maier

Jury member for the Portfolio Architecture category, 2020 edition

Architect, president of the Romanian Order of Architects, Transilvania branch since 2018, founder of the Maier Studio office in 2002. Within the office, there were carried out projects with various functions from housing to offices, artificial ice rinks, the track and the headquarters of the National Karting Federation, rehabilitation of university clinics and amphitheaters or complex urban studies for the university campus or research center.

At the same time, in a global context in which the reverence for space, community and tradition is multidisciplinary highlighted, she has generated new strategies to approach the urban analysis and development. Thus, in 2012 she founded „Scena Urbană” („Urban Scene”), a project organized within OAR Transilvania in order to involve the community in rediscovering and redefining public space. Every year, new spaces are analyzed in this process, spaces which hide unique opportunities for development or enhancement. Appreciated as tactical urbanism, the Urban Scene strategy was presented and experienced in cities in Italy and Japan.

Daniela Maier's involvement in the OAR's activity is motivated by the need to redefine the architect's position through a lucid approach connected to the realities of the communities we belong to, identifying strategies that can highlight both the built environment and the specialist involved, through a dynamic ethic. In this regard, she has built bridges of communication between specialists and the local or regional administration. She has been coordinating the Transylvania Architecture Biennale since 2015 and, together with a complex team and the international jury, she puts forth at each edition the awareness of the importance of the architectural or urban movement and the impact it has on the present and future of each of us.