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Architect Ion Căpșuneanu. Achievements and sufferings

Architect Ion Căpșuneanu. Achievements and sufferings

Authors: arh. Vlad Mitric-Ciupe
Firm: Mitric-Ciupe Vlad Aurelian BIA

Coperta: Silvia Colfescu
Redactor: Claudia Drăgănoiu
Corector: Alexandra Ciuciulin
Tehnoredactor: Dan Amza
Publishing house: Vremea

Authors’ Comment

During some previous research, I discovered a number of architects with very interesting achievements in the 1930s-1940s, about whom we know almost nothing today.
The life and work of the architect Ion Căpșuneanu are not known today, primarily because of the repressive episode he went through in the first years of the communist regime. The edited and - especially - unpublished sources included in this volume show how he was investigated and removed from the case in 1945, re-investigated, tried and convicted in 1949. The selected documents come mainly from the Archives of the National Council for the Study of Security Archives and from private archives. Most of them were structured chronologically, covering the period 1941-1984, and the undated ones were approximated
depending on the subject. For a better understanding of the situation, where appropriate, I have also inserted documents issued in another period, but whose content was integrated into the context.