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Anuala 2023 » 2020 » Work (Home) Place

Work (Home) Place or the new Home

July/August 2020

Call for Photos

Did you work from home? Did you work from a totally different place than usual? How did you adapt during this period? Do you have your own special place to communicate online with colleagues? Bucharest Architecture Annual invites you to send the most beautiful image with your workspace, as you have arranged it yourself or as you want to transform it for this period.

Globally, humanity has adapted to the crisis, working mainly from home, through a remarkable effort. The home, "at home", has acquired new values, somehow forgotten, over time. If in the past, home also meant work, now we have returned to work away from the modern workplace.

What can we learn from these transformations? What we can innovate so that through what we do we can move forward. These are just a few questions that define new scenarios of everyday and professional life.

We will create an online digital album on the website of the Bucharest Architecture Annual. The images sent will show how, in the midst of the pandemic, the transformation of the home and the workplace are opportunities for a possible new beginning.

We invite each image to be accompanied by the author's name and the place where the photo was taken. The image resolution should be approximately 200 x 200 pixels and be in jpg, tiff or pdf format.

Address where you can send:

The four most representative images will be awarded by the Annual Architecture, each with the amount of 300 euros.

The jury is made up of the Curators of the Bucharest Architecture Annual 2020. The criteria are: the creativity of the arrangement and the expressiveness of the sent image.

Deadline: 20 iulie 2020. If you have any questions, please ask