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Wine Tasting Table - Domeniul Bogdan

Wine Tasting Table - Domeniul Bogdan

Authors: arh. Alexandru Ofrim, arh. Otilia Sorete Arbore, arh. Adrian Musat
Firm: ateliero

Builder: Atelier Vast

Authors’ Comment

.The Tasting table is a must-have object in any winery. All the wine related events are organised around it, thus it has to play more than an estetic function.
Our design for this table is made on metallic structure from oak wood and corian inlays. Its maximum lenght is 5.6 meters long , the longest pieces of wood measure 4.6 meters
Aside from that it also come with two metallic sinks with taps.
This piece was crafted by Atelier Vast and assembled at Domeniul Bogdan's Winery in Medgidia, Constanta county.