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  • Prize of the “Interior Space Architecture / Object Design” section


Authors: arh. Octavian George Gugu

Builder: RAMATIS
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The chair is caprice, structure, design, fashion design, accessory, authentic, imitation, mannerism, improvisation, manifesto, trophy, comfortable, uncomfortable, bourgeois, waste, cheap, virtuosity, instinct, industry, vintage, kitsch, culture, material, beautiful , ugly, traditional.... An endless list of results of the same predictable experiment.
The STICH chair aims to be wooden, unsophisticated, useful, mountable, removable, imperfect, durable, repairable, popular, smart, hack-able, perfectable and last, recyclable.
The main element is minimally processed ash board. It is from the family of chairs with 4 legs, with the back and seat each composed of two boards that approximate angularly, rudimentary and non-coplanar curvature of the body parts - a simple, economical and comfortable solution, brought to the rank of 'design' after the middle of the last century.
All these predetermined ingredients were tied together with common plastic collars transforming the chair into a stable structure.