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Stratum Offices

București, România
Authors: arch. Vitalie Cataraga – Arhitect, arch. Cătălin-Florin Ghiță – Arhitect, arch. Alexandru Scarlat – Arhitect / Studio Art Construct
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Tudor R. (Firma S.C. P&T STRUCTURE DESIGN S.R.L.)

Authors’ Comment

The project is situated in a developing industrial area in Bucharest. The main requirement of the client was to satisfy the need for office spaces in one of the production halls of the factory. The existing metal structure of the production hall was extended vertically in such a way that the roofed profile of the structure is kept. However the screen like main facade has a better relation with the street area and main access point. The overall feeling is that of a mineral courtyard, with and colored accent. The fiber-cement main facade is separated by U-profile metallic elements into vertical and horizontal registers, one of them being the central glazed area where the main access into the building is situated, and marked by a green cross made out of beams and columns. The colors and the materials were chosen to enhance the visual identity of the client’s brand, and keep the overall design of the building in the industrial design idea. The interior space is thought as an atrium, with all the office spaces and other functions revolving around a central piece represented by the glass conference room and the main skylight. The dark grey and white colors chosen for the interiors are neutral, creating a crisp and clean working environment.

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