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H - Avenue

București, România
Authors: arch. Lilian Captari – Autor, arch. Iana Captari – co- Autor / U R B a N O F F I C E

Authors’ Comment

This project came to us very late when it was in execution. The beneficiary wanted to change the image of the building. We had to take over the entire project coordination and develop a project very quickly.
Thanks to the already formed teams and the experience we have we succeeded in changing the project from the foundations and bringing it into the 21st century. We chose to support the vertical accents of the building and to balance the horizontal dynamics. In this sense, parasols - masks were introduced to hide areas that seemed to be badly articulated or redundant.The palette was separated in two colors - black and white, we removed the curtain walls and we focused on the simple rectagular windows....those in turn have received intrusions and differentiated frames, details and subtle visible accents.We diveded the building in several parts ... for natural reasons - it was too fat. After all the angles and perspectives have been analyzed, we gradually began to look for details and effects that will harmonize and interconect with each other.We had the opportunity to work in 2004 at the Alexandrina street no.36, so for us it was a rare occasion to work and correct a space according to our evolution over time.

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