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Aerzen Romania Headquarters

Tunari, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru-Ion Muntean – Autor, arch. David Stancu – Coautor / studio EST
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Radu Matei
Instalatii: ing. Alecsandru Stancu

Authors’ Comment

Located in the Tunari area, the Aerzen Headquarters in Romania works as a sales and public relations office as well as an industrial compressor repair and maintenance shop.
The building is divided in two separate areas in terms of program, type of architecture and facade treatment: the office area, with a concrete frame structure and gray ventilated facade; and the industrial part, with a steel frame structure and blue cladding panels. The two parts form distinct but adjoining volumes that can be easily identified at street level. We set out to avoid the cliches that are usually associated with industrial buildings and design more than a “shed”, starting with the overall volume and finishing with the use of vertically and horizontally mounted corrugated metal panels. Thus, the result is an industrial facade which is sensitive to changes in light and environment and which underlines the movement of the sun changing color according to the time of day.

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