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Cătălina Ioniță Park, Belciugatele

Belciugatele, jud. Călărași, România
Authors: arch. Sebastiaan Veldhuisen, arch. Lorin Niculae – director proiect / Asociația Arhipera
Collaborators: drd.arh. Cătălin Caragea,
arh. Andrei Ardeleanu,
arh. Irina Scobiola,
arh. Diana Costache,
stud.arh. Teodora Lică,
stud.arh. Alexandra Maxim,
stud.arh. Diana Rizea,
stud.arh. Ștefnia Simu,
Silvia Niculae,
Gabriela Ranetescu,
Andreea Petrescu,
stud.arh. Ioan Paraschiv,
stud.arh Alexandru Brătescu,
stud.arh. Alexandru Popa,
stud.arh. Andrei Stroe,
Matei Bodea,
Victor Arman

Authors’ Comment

The park is for Cătălina – her energy and spirit will hopefully turn it into a place of joy and rest. An instance of local innovation and organicity in the middle of a green leisure space. A place that should keep people and children close to the truth of nature.
What should you start with?
Tame the landscape, make it inhabitable. Then make the house own the landscape, convert the territory into a continuation of the lived space, shape the community.
Read the sky, see the way light dances over the colours of the earth in different parts of the day, listen to the ground, and discover the space. Only then create a setting for genuine life. You’ll need materials at hand and friends around you. Follow your will and give way to your sensibility, to your impressions.
Architecture and landscape are one.

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