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#better - The Initiative for Quality in Construction

Authors: arch. Florin - Nicolae Enache – Autor, arch. Mădălina Zaharia / #better

Authors’ Comment

The decreasing quality in construction and the need to react – through simple and positive initiatives – led to the initiation of the #better project.
#better is an idea catalogue that takes its examples from real cases . The themes are related to architecture and connected areas as well and are represented through infographics and simple sketches.
The #better catalogue is a collection of ideas and best practice examples that has the purpose of helping the construction beneficiary or buyer through images that he can use as a primary comparison instrument – a simple and expressive example.
The examples in the catalogue are put forward by a team of architects, they comply with the minimum legal requirements and they sometimes go above that, making qualitative recommendations, considering that comfort is not equal to “minimum legal requirements” or “the lowest price”.
The project is a positive and proactive initiative who promotes quality, responsibility, education and comfort above the minumum criteria – which is often only formally respected, leading to wasted resources and disappointing results.