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Na(rra)tions. Essays on East and Central European Architecture

Authors: Silvia Cazacu, Ștefana Grădinariu, Ruxandra Grigoraș, Tincuța Henzel, Dana Julean, Andreea Movila, Monika Pietrosian, Petra Maria Pfaff, Tomislav Pavelic, arch. Ștefan - Cristian Popa, Simina Anamaria Purcaru, arch. Gabriela Tabacu
Collaborators: Prefață: Alberto Perez-Gomez
Grafică și design: Faber Studio
Redactor: Ionuț Butu

Authors’ Comment

This collection of essays brings together the 11 finalist papers of the 2016 Critical Discourses essay competition, in a volume opened by an introductory text kindly offered by Prof. Alberto Pérez-Gómez, professor at McGill University, Montreal, Australia.
The volume of essays is considered as a collection of critical texts and offers a unique reading keys to the architectural phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe through the contribution of practitioners, students, teachers, theoreticians, whose works were Appreciated by the international jury chaired by Alberto Pérez-Gómez as relevant, original, consistent.
The topics addressed in the nominated essays range from critical retrospectives, environmental issues, urban issues, architectural and cultural aspect, to questioning the legitimacy of architectural intervention in the contemporary context. It is a diversity that reflects the very diversity of everyday life, subject to unpredictable impulses and flows, often economic, ecological, political, social, etc.

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