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Drifting Architecture

Authors: Ionuț Butu – Contributor, Mălina Conțu – Contributor, Andreea Livia IVANOVICI – Contributor, arch. Arpad Zachi – Contributor, arch. Vladimir Vinea – Contributor, Dana Milea – Contributor, Mihai Zachi – Contributor, arch. Andrei Mărgulescu – Contributor, Bogdan Ghiu – Autor
Collaborators: Editor: Arpad Zachi
Redactori: Ionuț Butu, Mălian Conțu, Andreea Livia Ivanovici, Mihai Pienescu, Arpad Zachi
Grafică și design: Faber Studio
Traduceri: Aura Pandele, Raluca Ștefan

Authors’ Comment

The volume “Drifting Architecture” is the catalog of the homonyms exhibition which was the central point of the East Central Triennial Architecture 2016.
The volume includes the presentation of the projects included in the exhibition, accompanied by a theoretical and critical view of these projects, as well as on the overall architecture of the region by cooping recognized theoreticians, whose texts created the conceptual basis for receiving the presented works.
At the same time, the volume brings together an analysis of the architecture of the last three years in Central and Eastern Europe. This period is marked by profound socio-economic changes that find its reflex in architectural theory and practice as well. Therefore, “Drifting” is a look through architecture in a trans disciplinary approach capable of providing a complex image and a solid foundation of the architectural phenomenon within the social, economic, political, etc. framework.
Through this catalog, we have identified approaches and speeches with local / regional characteristics and nuances that allow a simpler / more balanced comparison with global architectural phenomena as well as verification and validation of local answers/solutions to meet the needs and aspirations of time and local/regional context.

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