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Villa Leonida extension, Poiana Țapului

Busteni, jud. Prahova, România
Authors: arch. Iulian Ungureanu, Radu Ursoiu, Gabriela - Claudia Alexe / UNNU
Collaborators: Rezistență: Ductil-Tech ing. Aurel Roșu
Peisagistică: Atelier foaie verde - Nicolas Triboi și Alina Adăscăliței
Instalații sanitare, HVAC: ing. Cristian Tomescu
Instalații electrice: ing. Bogdan Marinescu

Foto: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

Built by architect Alfred Popper in 1938, Vila Leonida is a historical monument, and belonged to General Paul Leonida, a member of a famous family of the interwar period. The villa is situated on a hillside with an exceptional panoramic view towards Bucegi Mountains.
The theme was outlined easy - a new space, generous, complementing the villa Leonida and emphasizing the landscape. The owners have understood and supported the very idea for this project- the landscape is more important than the constructed surface so the idea of extending an existing garden through a green terrace became part of the design brief.
Villa Leonida is a touristic place, and the extension functions as a restaurant.
The construction reinterprets parts of the old house character. Massive sockets and stairs, and green terraces have become a common denominator for the two houses. The contrast between the raw materials, unfinished and metal elements still very thin, facilitates the dialogue between the two houses.
8mm thick metal sheets protect the wooden façade and create a sharp cornice lining the garden terrace above. A thin fence, winding along the terrace, completes the organic feature of the garden.

Architecture, Conversion, Rehabilitation