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Washington 25

București, România
Authors: arch. Lilian Captari, arch. Iana Captari – co Autor / U R B a N O F F I C E

Authors’ Comment

Many buildings in Bucharest are abandoned or neglected. Owners are not willing to renovate it unless someone promises to buy. In this case the owner decided to renovate and expand the building (attic). Building consolidation measures have been taken following technical expertise. It has been found that the building has gone through a fire that has damaged the floors. Under these conditions, the structure project became more difficult and the entire resistance structure had to be restored.
The project focused on maintaining and articulating Moorish and interwar elements. The symmetry of the building was restored and corrected the vernacular elements that appeared on the facades over time. The building has modern features - elevator, central heating, ventilation and new installations.

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