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La Firul Ierbii - comunity center

Bucuresti, România
Authors: arch. Tamina-Ioana LOLEV, arch. Vlad STOICA, urb. Iulian CANOV, urb. Cristina ZLOTA / Wolfhouse Productions
Collaborators: Accesibilizarea spațiului: Asociația Metodelor Alternative pentru Integrare Socială (AMAis)


Authors’ Comment

The project provides access to a public and equipped center, allowing interaction between all the actors involved in the development of the city. LA FIRUL IERBII is a pilot project for a civic community space, acting both for the city and the neighborhood. For the medium term, we aim to develop the project in a local civic forum and a model for coagulation, activation, and mobilization of local communities.
The intervention is based on the following principles: (1) Maintaining generous spaces and their heights in order to benefit from light and create a work environment. Thus, the parapets of the four windows on the main façade were lowered, up to 0.9m inside (0.2m exterior) in order to obtain abundant light necessary to the function, a close connection with the green public space on Splaiul Unirii (2) Partitioning has been preserved as far as possible as the original one. (3) The obsolete finishes - respectively the floor, walls, and ceilings have been moved to a functional state using industrial-grade finishes.

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Architecture, Conversion, Rehabilitation