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The Round House

București, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Carmen Tănase / ENTERPRISE A&D
Collaborators: arh. Leonardo Rossi
ing. Alexandru Tanase
arh. Loredana Salavastru
arh. Mihai Burloiu
studiu istoric:arh. Valeriu Dragan

Authors’ Comment

The Round House represents a soul project for its beneficiary who bought, and restored the building in his wish to save a historic monument. The building, monument group B, built between 1911 and 1928 as a collective housing has its facades framed by a very valuable statuary group made by the famous sculptor Dimitrie Paciurea and represents a sphinx surrounded by two mythological characters.
When it was bought, the building had a very modest roof. The historical archives researches have shown an old air-photography made by Compagnie Aerienne Francaise in 1927 in which one can see the initial roof in a cupola shape.
Even if we did not find the historic plans, we remade the cupola based on gold proportion. After consolidation and remaking of the last concrete slab, the house got it's cupola, made by timber layered wood , in which a living space develops vertically. The access level in the apartment is the last floor of the historic building where we have created a high, elegant space typical to aristocratic houses. Here was organised the day zone of the house , the kitchen, dining and living.
The first level of the cupola houses the intimate spaces, the bedrooms and the last cupola level houses a free space of joy and relaxation.

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