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Participatory Regeneration
  • Nomination for the “Research in Architecture / Participatory Architecture” section

Participatory Regeneration

Authors: arh. Adrian Moleavin
Asociatia OVER 4

Collaborators: arh. Anca Bodale, arh. Gheorhe Ciobanu

Authors’ Comment

|problem| A physically and morally outdated environment of polluting and energy inefficient collective dwellings [only in Bucharest there are more than 4500 four stories blocks, with a rehabilitation rate of around 1% per year]. |solution| Community Participatory Design Regenerative Self-Sustainable Process An integrated rehabilitation ‘scaffold’ is presented to the residents and, toghether with all the stakeholders, the final solution is decided: the type of rehabilitation of the sourrounding common space; the functions contained in the vertical and horizontal extension; the solutions for the facades, depending on the orientation and personal choice of the inhabitants; the renewable energy solutions; the sustainable materials. There is no project. Just a community designing its future shape and living patterns.