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VVITA - Modernizing Learning and Teaching for Architecture
  • Prize of the “Research in Architecture / Participatory Architecture” section

VVITA - Modernizing Learning and Teaching for Architecture

Authors: conf.dr.arh. Marius Voica, asist.dr.arh. Elena Cristina Mândrescu, lect. dr. arh. Mihaela Hărmănescu, conf.dr.arh. Andra Panait, șef de lucrări dr. arh. Marina Mihăilă, șef de lucrări dr.arh. Adrian Moleavin


Authors’ Comment

VVITA is an Erasmus+ project with transnational cooperation between UAUIM, UNICT and NTNU, which raises question of European higher education by improving and diversifying the participating universities curriculum on approaches to rural built heritage environment, rural landscape and traditional construction systems. The project has a social inclusion strategy in selected local rural settlements (Lofoten-NO, Filicudi-IT, Sfiștofca-RO) with social-civic-interethnic-intercultural dimension on disadvantaged and remote architectural heritage through activity of three Intensive Programmes. These are “teaching laboratories”, which lead to a sustainable and inclusive development of strategies to vitalize heritage villages.

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