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Ferentari Soundsystem Festival

Ferentari Soundsystem Festival

Authors: arh Vlad Stoica
Wolfhouse Productions

Collaborators: Fellesskapsprosjektet å Fortette Byen (FFB) | arhitecture studio Norway, foto Vlad Dumitrescu

Authors’ Comment

Ferentari Soundsystem is a series of events that highlight Ferentari’s unusually productive music scene, its strong sense of community. Ferentari has been entirely excluded by the city’s cultural plans. In the absence of any institutional cultural involvement, and under the influence of its large Roma population, it has developed its own musical subculture. This was the first annual outdoor event and the first large project that validates Ferentari’s cultural output. The pilot edition of the festival consisted of 5 arts&crafts workshops and one outdoor concert. The stage design needed to use minimal resources and to highlight the unique context of the event and the community involved in it. Along with Håvard Arnhoff of FFB, we designed and built a striking 6m wide golden disc that was mounted in suspension above the artists. As night fell, all the stage lights were pointed upwards so that a warm golden glow reflected from the disc on both artists and the crowd.

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