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Multifunctional center of social development

Multifunctional center of social development

Authors: arh. Marius Velicu, urb. Adriana Velicu, arh. peisagist Nicola Triboi, urb. Stefania Buzatu
dublu V studio

Collaborators: Ștefan Coman specialist proiecte sociale, Fundația „Păstorind o inimă de copil”

Beneficiar: Fundația „Păstorind o inimă de copil”

Authors’ Comment

In order to improve the quality of abandoned children lives ,appears the need for families who can provide development, understanding and security Family living, learning traditional crafts in the middle of the community, practicing sports, having access to education and practicing a conscious way of life are the base of creating a healthy environment. The concept of the architecture and landscaping project comes with the idea of raising youngsters in a modern, small rural community. The architectural proposal is build on the idea of individual homes coalesced around a community space, which is specific to mountainous rural surroundings. To create the feeling of home and to encourage children to commit themselves to this space , each house will have a private kale yard. The architecture of the houses, as well as he adjoining buildings in the center are and will be build using local constructive solutions and natural materials due the need to transmit the values and feelings of belonging to this place.