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Biutiful Exhibition Pavilion

Biutiful Exhibition Pavilion

Authors: Mihai Popescu, Ovidiu Bălan, Dan Costache, arh. Elisabeta - Alice Mihai, Marius Bercu
Firm: Twins Studio
Photo: Alex Ionita

Authors’ Comment

In the context of too many square shapes and concrete walls, where the city gets overwhelmingly stiff, we empathized the need for an organic arrangement, which would kill the geometric lines of the buildings around.

Therefore, the concept of Biutiful Exhibition Pavilion popped up. Its philosophy starts from the infinite circle of life in nature and it materializes in a structure that can be infinitely modulated. Overview picture: abstract forest in the middle of an urban barren market.

9 pillars, metaphorically representing 9 trees, each covering an area of 50 sqm and each being 5 m high. Their hexagonal crowns and their infinite possibility of combinations build a metallic installation alike a natural ecosystem, at an intermediate size between human scale and the scale of office buildings.

Pellucidness towards the sky acquires autumn shades thanks to the colored stained glass ceiling. To these colors we added an intelligent lighting system, each branch being controlled independently and being able to change the general appearance to infinity.

As the forest heals the mind, body and spirit of one, we believe architecture can do the same. Give yourself a try at Biutiful Exhibition Pavilion.