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Acces Amestec Festival - “Touch the sky”

Acces Amestec Festival - “Touch the sky”

Authors: arh. Iuliana Georgiana Damir, Corina Boboc Giorgescu
Firm: Iuliana Damir Studio

Collaborators: Echipa Amestec Festival, grafica arh. Cezara Iuliana Susanu
Photo: arh. Iuliana Damir

Authors’ Comment

The "Touch the Sky" project is an architectural installation that aims to create a diaphanous image for the access of the Amestec festival. Starting from the very slogan of the event - "The Festival where you can touch the sky" - the concept of the project was based on the creation of an image to illustrate this metaphor. So, the blue textile material covers the metal scaffolding and creates a dynamic image. In the central area, the material was cut into narrow strips, allowing participants access, but also inviting them to play and interaction. Also, the elements that enlivened the project were the very wind and rain, which created a dynamic image, letting the material move freely. So, the image that outlines the "touch the sky" metaphor was obtained.
The project is made of a metal structure that reaches 7m high, 10m long and 1.5m deep. It is covered in 150m of fabric - blue tulle. On the main facade of the structure, there are the graphic elements of the festival, made by the Amestec team - the hands that represent the concept of "together", and also with the clouds, remind of the main metaphor of the concept "touch the sky". The project marks the main access of the festival, with participants following the route exactly through the middle of the structure, where the strips of material narrow from 3m wide to 10cm. These narrow lanes allow people a smooth and fun passage inside the festival.
The project becomes an element of the festival's representation, being visible from the entire surface of the event. During the day, it interacts with the frame through the presence of natural elements - the wind, and during the evening, the installation was illuminated creating a scenographic element always present in the memory of the participants.