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Victoria Intercultural Atelier

Slatina, jud. Olt, România
Authors: arch. Andrei Nistor – sef proiect, arch. Raluca Zaharia – proiectant, arch. Flavia Goga – proiectant / SC KXL SRL
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Horia Ionuț Mihnea (SC. Cross Structural Design SRL)
Instalatii HVAC si termice: ing. Cristian Ghițuleasa (SC. Maestro Proiect SRL)
Instalatii electrice: ing. Adrian Mogoș (SC. D&D Eurocom SRL)
Executant: SC. Phoenix Transbac SRL

Authors’ Comment

In 2010 the municipality of Slatina received cinema Victoria (former Subofficers' Club) from RADEF, a 1930s building in the historical center of the city, unused for at least ten years at that point. Four years later, the municipality applies for Norvegian heritage restoration funding and aims to transform the place into a multifunctional cultural place.
The main characteristic of the building is the narrow and long plan, typical for the old city center, which manages to contain a small rectangular hall.
The interwar building was constructed ontop of another building dating from the beginning of the 19th century. From the latter, the underground level with vaulted ceiling and reinforcement arches is preserved.
The structural project is reversible and consists of a metal frame system that connects the wooden redone floors and the masonry walls
The inovation element of the project consists of a moving pannel system that transforms the main hall into a multifunctional venue. Original elements are preserved: the cement floor with the building year and original name in the entrance hall, the decorative exterior and interior elements. Railing and exterior joinery are redone.

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