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Las Gym - American School Leysin

Leysin, Elveția
Authors: arch. Andrei Nistor, arch. Simona Ionescu, arch. Ștefan Mantu, arch. Giorgian Rusu, arch. Andrei Cârlescu, arch. Alexandru Cârlescu, arch. Lucian Mohan, arch. Eleonora Voitinovici, arch. Roxana Nistor / SC KXL SRL
Collaborators: Structura - CROSS Structural Design, ing. Adrian Vasilescu, ing. Horia Mihnea; Instalații - MAESTRO Proiect, ing. Cristian Ghițuleasa, ing. Silviu Ulmeanu; Execuție: Structura metalică - PHEONIX GRUP; Fațada - AL-PROMT; Interior execuție - THETA, arh. Irina Stoica, arh. Mihai Toma, arh. Adrian Neamțu

Authors’ Comment

The building is located in Leysin, in the Vaud Canton of
Switzerland, at an altitude of 1263 meters, east of the Geneva lake and with an overall southern orientation. The building site is located in the close vecinity of the Leysin American School. The new hall is built on top of the old one, which no longer meets the current needs. Wood and fiber cement cladding are used for a better integration in the natural environment. Besides the spaces necessary to a gym, there is also a cafe, encouraging social activities.

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