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i{n}stance jewellery
  • Prize of the “Interior Design / Object Design” section

i{n}stance jewellery

Authors: arh. Dana Anton, arh. Ionuț Anton /

Authors’ Comment

EN_The i{n}stance jewellery collection is born from a process based on feedback between concept, geometry and material, all of which are translated into code. The pieces explores the aesthetic interpretation of mathematical functions and progressions. Rigid geometry is transformed through parametric variations in order to become ornament. The materialization of the virtual 3d model is explored twofold. One exploration is fabricated by laser cutting different acrylic sections that are assembled by hand, delivering opulent pieces. The second exploration is materialized by 3d printing in resin and casted in silver, combining features of traditional filigree jewellery with computationally altered geometrical order and state of the art technology.