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Authors: arh. Justin Baroncea, stud. arh. Alexandru Ivanof
Justin Baroncea

Collaborators: Editura Vellant

Beneficiar: Editura Vellant

Authors’ Comment

Mark? He's a climber. He clings on to anything that makes any sense at all. As soon as he finds the slightest hint of sense, he starts to climb. Climbing on the edge of a page proved to be too risky, that's why Mark decided to enter into the depht of the text. Vertical labyrinth. He slips among passages. Zigzags between phrases. Mark is currently engaged in discovering the VERSANT collection. Spread out at different heights, on a stand smaller than a regular bookcase, but more exciting to skim through. Extreme climbing is best done "free-verse". Mark knows that all too well. Seldom can you find him not clinging onto the stand's walls.

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