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TAU Clock
  • Nomination for the “Interior Design / Object Design” section

TAU Clock

Authors: Iulian Bădărău, Bogdan Lazăr, Dragoș Lazăr, Raul Antonie

Authors’ Comment

The object is an answer for the UYDA2 object design contest. It's a clock because it talks about time and it doesn't have a very pragmatic utility. However, we need the dialogue with it. What it should tell us? That we are the time's units and not the hours. We shape the time and it shapes us. Synthesising - using primary shapes - a circle, a square and two lines, we keep the time together. The circles of time are from aluminium pipe, its vertical support from Corian/wood, and the base which should be the heaviest is from natural stone - marble/terrazzo. There is no need for screws or other elements like that. All the elements are intertwined and they stay together depending on one another.

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