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Authors: arh Florin Cobuz, arh Adrian Enache

Collaborators: arh Andra Giuglea

Authors’ Comment

TiKA is a modular creation kit suited to build an unlimited number of amazing structures, such as lamps, holders for your plants or just jaw-dropping design objects for your apartment, office or anything in between. TiKA's modular system opens a world of possibilities through its five different sized wooden building sticks and small magnetic metal balls that act as connectors with flexible joints , along with 3 different bases to build upon. You also have the option to create a circuit with the help of the electric base, electricity conducting TiKA sticks and the LED fitted sticks. The structures you build are brought to life through light! With the flower pot base, you can combine your work of art with a plant and build a veritable home for them. As we tested TiKA with our friends, family, and colleagues, each person added a new way to build with them!