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Volume of a sleep

Volume of a sleep

Authors: arh. Justin Baroncea

Performer & Coregraf: Oana Mureșan
Arhitect: arh. Maria Ghement, arh. Justin Baroncea
Muzică: Vlaicu Golcea
graphic design: arh. Alex Voicu, arh. Maria Ghement, arh. Justin Baroncea
Neurolog: Mihai Stancu
Tehnician sunet: Alexandru Andrei
Builder: Atelier SET
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu
Producator: Simona Abagiu
Curator: Alex Radu

Authors’ Comment


Dreams in the basement with eyes fended by a body that does not reach them. A pebble of flexible material pixels that keep you away from your neighbor from above. Translucent cut space in two with elastic horizontal boundaries between two rigid walls and some screed.
If you don’t go through the funnel you don’t get to the subject and if you don’t make a carpet croquette you don’t know everything that happens above.
If it doesn't goes right to your head, the dream disappears from the field of vision and you'll only retain with a few waves propagated in a web of wavy pixels; space-time curls.
Material pulses that are conserved only until the next action - waves.
Waves... no to sleep. that you don't sleep. will find out something about sleep
In short, there is no need for a lamp where the light comes from below and the mirages fall to your mind because you have jumped over your sleep from the beginning anyway.