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Sandu's family house

Șerbăneasa, jud. Dâmboviţa, România
Authors: arch. LORIN Niculae – șef de proiect, arch. Dan-Andrei ARDELEANU / Archos2002
Collaborators: Structura: ing Samuel Toma
Instalatii: ing. Cristina Motoi


Authors’ Comment

I was an architecture inten when the oportunity rose for me to work on this project, and after many documentations on various other projects, I could hardly wait to design a house through all the necessary stages.Thus, I was very excited to visit the site, which is truly unique. From this plot, which is higher than the averaje in Șerbaneasa village, up on the hill, one can be mesmerized at the site of our mountains - Bucegi Natural Park and Piatra Craiului. Towards South, the plot is very long and presents a height difference of around 8 m - where various trees make up a small forest. From our first visit, we have concluded that this shady place could host a small Summer Pavilion, a covered but open space. The house is situated in the northern part, the access being made from North-West. Large windows on North-South axis open up the Living Area on the above mentioned axis, the Mountains and the small hill. The terrace covers 2 sides of the house, North and West, giving the opportunity to be simultaneously outside and under the roof, while you admire nature or welcome guests.

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