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Coherence as Unity. A Simple house

Belciugatele, jud. Călărași, România
Author: arch. Lorin Niculae / Asociația Arhipera
Collaborators: structură: ing. Samuel Toma, ing. Anton Ionescu
constructor: Belciugatele Construcții Edilitare
Primăria Belciugatele
drd.arh. Cătălin Caragea,
arh. Andrei Ardeleanu,
arh. Irina Scobiola,
arh. Diana Costache,
stud.arh. Teodora Lică,
stud.arh. Alexandra Maxim,
stud. arh. Diana Rizea,
stud. arh. Ștefania Simu,
Silvia-Ioana Niculae,
Gabriela Ranătescu,
Andreea Petrescu,
stud.arh. Ioan Paraschiv,
stud.arh. Alexandru Brătescu,
stud.arh. Alexandru Popa,
stud.arh. Andrei Stroe,
Matei Bodea,
Victor Arman
Director proiect: Lorin Niculae
Asociația ARHIPERA

Authors’ Comment

The house is for Mihai. An evolutive, chameleonic-like structure. Continuity and inseparability, harmony and consent. It tells of growth, refinement and simplicity.
Beyond the apparent on-site disorder, amidst buckets of paint, pencils, pieces of wood, straws and innumerable tools gazing from the tall grass, under the scorching heat and dust, you find enthusiasm and happiness, energy and motivation, human fuel lighting the ordered chaos of creativity. So you understand the concerted efforts leading to the beautifully-shaped results. It’s all about simplicity and unity – another side of coherence. Endless fields of summer flowers yearning for the sun. White walls, clean outlines, geometrical windows, pure, green energy. A contemporary archetype.
Animate space. Rethink the limits. It’s a matter of attempting, searching, observing…alternative materials – clay, pigments, cement, straw, lime, air, water and light all in a mixture of natural elements: substances, hues, vegetal matter, liquids and spirit.
A wooden sundial, arty façades, colourful accents, yellow grids providing both shade and function. Unity and inclusion, texture and character. Great design. Helping people connect with the natural environment and create patterns of behavior while promoting recycling and eco-design. Sustainability and beauty in one structure.

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