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Passive House-Duplex

Poiana Marului, jud. Brașov, România
Author: arch. Marius Velicu / DUBLU V STUDIO

Authors’ Comment

The house is made up of two apartments arranged on two levels and where the bedrooms are located in the semi-buried area and the living quarters at the top.
When developing this project, some passive house principles were imposed by themselves. The altitude constraints (920m), hilltop location, strong winds, low winter temperatures correlated with the temporary housing habitation, lack of deep springs, difficult access to construction materials, geography of the land, led to a solution architecture and volumetry to respond to these peculiarities. There was a semi-buried house, open to the South, which maintains an almost constant temperature in the semi-basement.
Being an area without deep water springs, rainwater has been used to collect from the roof of the house and is gravitationally driven into large buried tanks.

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