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2 ml

Author: arch. Justin Baroncea – coordonator general / Justin Baroncea
Collaborators: Emanuel Birtea
Ștefan Bățroș

Authors’ Comment

2 dogs:
Extracting the characters of a comic strip.
The terrier stretches until it becomes a wooden bench. The bulldog inflates until it becomes a closet. They barked at a cat on a fence. That’s how they became ‘transformers’.
If you look through the book you discover what’s up with the red lamp on the while closet.
Dogs you sit on, dogs you switch on or in which you hide your… dog t-shirts.
The story is printed on textile: a comic strip to dress in.
Based on a story we manufacture a comic book, 2 lamps, a bench, a closet with three drawers and 10 t-shirts.
4_PET - bench with a drawer; de resinous waxed wood.
D_RAFT - closed with three drawers; white matte painted MDF.
BEC_HAM - lamp whith two USB ports; white translucent metacrylate.
HAM_LED - lamp whith two USB ports; red translucent metacrylate.
2D_TRI - a collection with 10 tshirts, with images from the book
2 ml - comic book about two dogs, transformed into “heroes” by a “tricksy” cat.

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