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Designing The Profile of The Future Architect
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Designing The Profile of The Future Architect

Editor principal: Șerban Țigănaș
Editor: Andreea Robu-Movilă
Editor: Eusebia Mindirigiu

Concept: SHARE Architects
Editior coordonator igloomedia: Francoise Pamfil
preface: Prof. Dietmar Eberle
Graphic design & layout: Cătălin Artenie
Infografice: Andreea Robu-Movilă
Ilustratii & Coperta: Tihamer Torok
Editare de imagine, DTP: Cristian David
Proof reading: Atena Gaspar de Almeida Santos, Nelson Andrew, Anca Rotar
Printat de: Master Print Super Offset
Publishing house: Igloo Media

Authors’ Comment

"Designing The Profile of The Future Architect", a SHARE ARCHITECTS initiative, is a unique editorial project, created after more than two years of travel, investigations and conversations with 100 architects from all over the world. The collection of thoughts, manifestoes and interviews, projects the visions of the interviewed architects on the future of the profession and presents a clear and necessary x-ray on the challenges of architecture today and tomorrow. The compilation of information is due to the publishers who wanted to create in Romania (in collaboration with Igloo Publishing House) a product of international resonance and to position on the same stage 20 Romanian architects with recognised and well-known names of the domain.
"If you miss this challenge to increase your knowledge, there will be no development in our profession. So the knowledge-based attitude of design will, and I hope, be the Future of our growth.
Let the Flower blossom-that's the richness on which the development of our proffesion will depend" (Prof. Dl Dietmar Eberle).