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Authors: Justin Baroncea, Genevieve Fieraru

Autorii textelor:
Simona Popescu, Lavinia Braniște, Șerban Foarță, Neagu Djuvara, Elena Vlădăreanu, Ioana Bradea, Matei Vișniec, Răzvan Țupa, Simona Sora, Nora Iuga, Nadine Vlădescu

Authors’ Comment

Proiectul se construiește pornind de la două moduri diferite de a exprima idei: desen și text.
O culegere desepre cum exprimă un autor idei prin text și cum le redefinește atunci când desenează.
The project is built starting from two different ways in which ideas can be expressed: drawing and text.
A collection about how an author describes ideas through texts and redefines them when drawing.
Representation and description within the same book. A book without discontinuities between a graphic discourse and a literary one. Sketches and texts that are fused into a single discourse, marked by technical drawings depicting design objects. Describing the representation of an object therefore gradually leads to design.
Description, representation, technical prefiguration, configuration, object.
The first two stages are interchangeable, for more than once. Shifting between drawing and text, as well as the other way around, is not necessarily a linear process. Whenever the two work methods begin to diffuse each other’s limits, the possibility of a new type of design emerges. A type of design in which text is not only a work assignment, but part of the initial sketch. In our case, a text fragment becomes an object. A sitting object. Thoughts described through text fuse with ideas represented in drawings. Thoughts are given the chance to overlap, to (un)sketch and (re)define themselves, even entangle with one another if needed in order to build a different type of design. Possible chairs or impossible sketches coexist and become contaminated with descriptions of thinking, places, objects. The chair is a base for thoughts, a mark for certain spaces and a character as well. The book is about 11 characters “under construction”. A book in which the characters’ construction process becomes a subject, a common ground. 11 characters in search of the simplest objective reality – the final product. A final product that doesn’t limit itself to the pages of the book. The book is a part of a constellation of products that include drawings, sketches, technical drawings, derived exhibits and, last but not least, objects.