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Zig Zag Cupboard

Zig Zag Cupboard

Authors: arh. Ciprian Manda

Builder: Firma sc Random Order srl

Authors’ Comment

With a clear geometry, made up from a simple wooden body and a stylized metal base, the cupboard goes beyond it's simple function of a storage unit. The presence of the oak body, with all of it's defects and figured grain helps to elevate it, helped also by the sculptural rhythm of the metal base.
Small details complete the design's simplicity, by bringing handcrafted elements into the minimalist composition. The wood selection and preparation allowed for wide oak boards to be used, which further help to keep the focus on the preciousness of the material. Care has been used to keep the grain aligned between the three doors and on the sides of the cupboard's body. Quality hardware has been installed to allow for a comfortable use.

Dimensions: 3000x400x600mm
Materials: oak, powder coated steel base
Finishes: clear wood oil