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Authors: arh. Dana Anton, arh. Ionuț Anton
Firm: i{n}stance / idz arhitectură

Authors’ Comment

The Endless jewellery collection is a tribute to the great romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, the pieces of the collection being inspired by the geometry of the architectural forms of the artist’s work.
The pieces of jewellery are dematerializations of the original sculptures, exploring a different way of essentializing the form by preserving the edges. Thus, filiform structures are created, that capture the essence of the highly geometric sculptures from which are inspired. Furthermore, regular shapes are transposed into the digital environment and by successive mutations are transformed, in order cu include variation. Using computational tools, algorithms and code, we aim to enhance the idea that the essence remains in all similar, but still different instances.
The almost ethereal, fragile appearance of forms materialized by a wireframe of lines and curves that describe a closed volume are materialized by 3d printing in positive-moulds of wax-type resin. Rediscovering the traditional craft of lost wax casting but in a new key, by using state-of-the-art technology, the pieces are casted in silver. Each piece of jewellery is then handcrafted to give it its final appearance. To enhance the variation the pieces are plated with white rhodium, black rhodium, yellow gold or pink gold.

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