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Display furniture – Entrance

Display furniture – Entrance

Authors: Bogdan Cicocodeică

Authors’ Comment

The Entrance Store is the first high-end fashion boutique opened in Bucharest, over ten years ago. From the beginning it succeeded to position itself as a trendsetter in fashion, design and visual statements. After five years the first interior design needed a fresh approach and got a makeover, keeping up with its good tradition of always being ahead of the curve. After another five years, to celebrate the tenth anniversary, we created a new set of furniture, that was added to the existing interior.
The new pieces are made of thin metal frames and glass, that become mere 3D sketches of schematic furniture pieces destined to emphasize the displayed objects.
The new family of objects consists of a large display table, with transparent top and drawers; some stool size exhibitions stands for smaller objects; a completely transparent closed sideboard; and a new counter, that is formed by a half display table attached to a mirror finished volume, thus creating the illusion of a whole table and counterbalancing the heavy presence of the counter.
In order to integrate more organically the new pieces into the existing interior, some of the walls where covered in mirror, creating a series of visual reflections around the new pieces.

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