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IU20 Easy chair

IU20 Easy chair

Authors: Irina Ursu
Firm: IUstudio

confecție metalică: Metaliero
Photo: Alexandru Prodan

Authors’ Comment

This chair was designed to inspire value and authenticity. The simple and durable shape given by the metal frame is ennobled by the backrest - woven in the macrame technique. Handicrafts are not old fashioned, they are simply a way to form a connection with the past and to achieve comfort through skill and creativity. It is a meditative and sensory experience with emotional involvement and a means of escape.

Chair entirely handmade: electrostatically painted metal structure, soft upholstered seat and woven in the macrame technique with recycled cotton twine. Due to the crafting technique, the surface of the oversized backrest has a three-dimensional effect with a certain transparency and elasticity. The chair can be personalised by color, because it can vary in terms of frame, seat and twine, but especially the woven backrest design. The multitude of models that the backrest can have becomes the distinctive component and makes each chair a piece with a unique design.

Behind every design object there is always the belief that it must bring an improvement in the way of life through what it is. This concept proposes an idea to give value and importance to the creative process by involving the consumer in the crafting process. Having the frame, the twine and weaving instructions, the product is actually - an object and a process. Thus, the manufacturing process urges patience, introspection, attachment, craftsmanship, and the resulting object is both functional and beautiful (a work of art).

From longing for the meticulous processes of crafting essentials, before the industrialization - this provided the motivation and inspiration to create this product. More than ever, we need to be open to creative actions and processes, in addition to meaningful, sustainable, useful and aesthetic product use.

The value of this design product is established by consumers through their unique imprint and personal effort made to achieve it, but also through the emotional connection given by this process.

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