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  • Nomination for the “Portfolio Architecture / Interior Design” section


Authors: arh. Gabriel-Andrei Alexoiu, arh. Alexandra-Cristiana Comănici, arh. Bianca-Maria Păun
Firm: Conic Design Studio S.R.L.
Photo: Arhivă personală

Authors’ Comment

The winebar was born around two defining elements, the container as the basic structure and a series of old wooden carved decorations. The container has been modified so that the space corresponds to the current needs.
Regarding the wooden elements, the carved details represent traditional symbols used in the past in the area of doors and access doors to houses, connecting the interior and exterior space.
Thus, the positioning of the pillar formed by these elements could not be other than extended on the limit, between the place where the wine is tasted and the place where the vine bears fruit.
The wooden pieces mask the structural pillar of the container and seem to float in the fine barrier created by the glazed area.
The use of the mirror on the ceiling amplifies the presence of the pillar and also amplifies the volume of the space, making more obvious the relationship between interior and exterior.
In order for the wine to be both stored and exposed to the public, a wooden panel made of traditional handmade metal nails has been proposed, for flexibility of exposure.

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