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Pastel Apartment

Pastel Apartment

Authors: arh. Mihai Cristea
Firm: Atelier Mihai Cristea S.R.L

Authors’ Comment

The current project has as its object of study an apartment located in a newly built residential complex, in the North of the capital.

Given the compartmentalization of the apartment, we chose to keep its characteristics and use the living area as a pocket of the "house" where all activities can be carried out in common. We tried not to load this space with excessive storage and furniture elements, freeing up the space as much as possible. Separate but still together would probably be the expression that best defines the intention in the approach to the living area.

The night area is separated from the day area by a hallway where we chose to put the storage. The continuity of the space in the living area is given by the use of the same materials.

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