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The event was held May 17-30, 2007, in the exhibition space of Dalles Hall, N. Bălcescu Boulevard 18.

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In order to reflect as accurately as possible the professional activity of the members of the Order of Architects, Bucharest Branch, the ARCHITECTURE ANNUAL BUCHAREST contains, as central event, a contest exhibition that presents projects finalized by April 2007.

The architects and conductor architects with right of signature members of the Order of Architects from Romania belonging to the Bucharest Branch are invited to take part in the exhibition, in one or more sections, with one or more representative works finalized during 2006.

2007 Awards

Photo Gallery Architecture Annual 2007


May 17 2007
12:00Press ConferenceDalles Hall
18:00Opening of the Architecture AnnualDalles Hall
19:00Debate: The Responsibility of Architects towards the present-day Image of Bucharest  
May 18 2007
15:00Conference: Igloo meets blokCentrul Ceh
17:00Film: Projects arch. Alexandros TombazisDalles Hall
18:00Conference: "The Neo-Romanian Style, Critical Notes”, arch. Mariana Celac and guestsDalles Hall
19:00Exhibition: Idealistic HomeHomegallery
14 Romulus st.
May 21 2007
18:00Debate: Green Bucharest: Past and Present - moderator arch. Bogdan BogoescuDalles Hall
May 22 2007
17:00Film: F. O. Gehry's Sketches, by Sidney Pollak 
19:00Award Ceremony, Opera OmniaFratelli Studio
May 23 2007
16:30Film: Schiţele lui F. O. Gehry - Sidney Pollack 
18:00Conference - TUB (TransCentral Bucharest): Pedestrian itineraries in future BucharestDalles Hall
May 24 2007
17:30Book presentation: Best Houses from RomaniaDalles Hall
18:00Debate: Future Bucharest - urban policies
May 25 2007
17:30Avitech presentation: The Intelligent HouseDalles Hall
18:00Debate: Ciaca Paca - Pecha Kucha nightDalles Hall
19:00Exhibition opening and book presentation: Kombinat. Ruins of the Golden EraCarturesti Bookstore
May 26-27 2007
 Urban Itinerary - departure from Pictor Verona Street 
May 28 2007
18:00Conference: Houses that CryDalles Hall
May 29 2007
18:00Monsena presentation: Copper Plating in Contemporary ArchitectureDalles Hall
May 30 2007
 Closing Festivity