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Anuala 2023 » Edition 2007 » Best Houses Romania

Book presentation: Best Houses from Romania

May 24, 2008, Dalles Hall

In May 2007 Igloo Media will release a new editorial product, BEST HOUSES, through which it will continue its promotion campaign of good-quality architecture.

The album will present 20 individual homes from all around the country, signed by established Romanian architects. The work expresses the manner in which the concept of habitation has evolved after 1990.

Close observers of autochthonous architectural medium and active participants in the promotion of good-taste in architecture, the professionals of Igloo Media have selected for this album the best individual homes from Romania erected during the last 10 years.

We hope that because the album is clearly different from the collections of architectural “recipes”, focusing on the innovative character of each project, the publication will raise the interest of the large public interested in the visual quality of the habitat.

The album will also constitute a working instrument for both the clients who want to recognize good-quality architecture in Romania and specialists directly interested in architecture who will thus gain access to an overview on autochthonous habitation.