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Anuala 2023 » Edition 2007 » The Hidden Face of Bucharest

The Hidden Face of Bucharest

26 -27 May, departure from Pictor Verona Street

Starting from the patrimony architectural values, the present urban itinerary intends to bring to the public’s attention and to underline the picturesque potential of the less-known Bucharest.

Set out to draw attention to what goes on around us, this trip intends to bring to front that part of history that, for several reasons, we tend to omit to take into consideration when choosing our way through the city, namely the areas behind the boulevards and the streets busy with cars. This itinerary through the ancient Bucharest can be re/enacted May 25-27, between 1 and 6 o’clock, starting in front of Carturesti bookstore.

The houses that we will see on our way, although previously full of charm, are now in a deplorable state. Despite the fact that they are not important monuments, they are part of the city and contribute to the image of what we call “the capital of Romania”.

Beautiful, old, and sad, the hidden part of Bucharest awaits for us to hear its story.