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Multifunctional pavilions – Mud Volcanoes rezervation, Buzău County

Authors: arch. Sorin Puran, arch. Ileana Ristea, Răzvan MITREA, arch. Andrei - Alexandru Stoianovici

Authors’ Comment

Muddy (Slurry) Volcanoes natural botanical and geological reservation stretches along roughly 30ha, being the astonishing result of decades of natural gases, soil rich in clay and water table mixture. The almost lunar landscape is permanently changing due to the tens of active mini volcanoes, locally called “pacle”. Rarely seen anywhere else in Europe, the geological phenomenon offers immense touristic value along with scientific opportunity.

The project’s idea came into being from the desire of emphasizing the Natural reservation’s value along with the need for protecting this unique environment by properly informing and guiding the tourists through the accessible areas and by providing non-invasive landscape architecture. Keeping this in mind, the architects have come up with customized projects for both sites: Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici.

The proposed wooden pavilions, mend to be located in the Reservations’ access points, have an eco-friendly architectural approach consisting in the natural products used and the green-roof solution implemented when trying to blend the “construction” into the landscape. The pavilions accommodate media and info spaces as well as an eco-friendly toilet. For better access into the geological volcanic sites from Paclele Mari Reservation, the architects proposed a set of “bridges” made of wood and steel frame, which follow the natural landscape.

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